Roasting pigs have become a very popular item over the past 15 years. We can cook pigs whole, or we can bone pigs out and stuff them with Seasoned Pork Shoulder, Bologna, Hotlinks, or Polish Sausage. The advantage of getting a boneless pig is you can order a smaller pig for your party, and you do not have to bone around the ribcage while serving. Prices on pigs vary according to the size of the pig, and the different processes requested (i.e. boneless, cooked/uncooked, meat stuffing). Also, if you prefer to cook your own pig, we can have one ready for you to pick up.

We require a two week advance notice on all roasting pigs, cooked or uncooked.

Prices on Roasting Pigs

Roasting Pig

  • Market Price X weight of pig

Cooking Charge

  • Under 50# (total weight) - $50.00
  • 50# - 100# (total weight) - $65.00
  • 100# - 150# (total weight) - $85.00
  • Over 150# (total weight) - $.65 per pound


  • $45.00 per pig

Stuffing Meat for Boneless Pigs (prices based on current markets per pound)

  • Seasoned Shoulder (most popular meat stuffing)
  • Bologna
  • Hotlinks
  • Smoked Sausage