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11b. Pork Jerky (8)


EIGHT 4 oz. Bags

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11a. Pork Jerky (4)


FOUR 4 oz. Bags

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8. Smoked Cheese


2 - 8 oz. pkgs

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9. Beef Sticks


10 qty

Check out these non-greasy, old fashioned beef sticks. These sticks are great for the afternoon snack your kids always crave.

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7a. Cajun Style Sausage


12oz pkg

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6. Smoked Turkey


Weight 10-12 lbs. average

Yet another holiday favorite! Our turkeys are selected very precisely. We only select young turkey hens, and then we use our exclusive hardwood smoking process that produces an amazing taste and JUICINESS that cannot be found in any other turkey at any price. This turkey has won four National Awards at the American Cured Meat Championships.

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2. Boneless "Pit" Ham


Weight 9-11 lbs. average

These fully cooked hams are easy to glaze and ready to serve for dinner, sandwiches, and pretty much anything that your imagination leads you to. We use the same old-fashioned style process as on our bone-in sugar cured hams. Each one is a hand selected; bone-in ham that has been de-boned and slow cooked using real hard wood smoke to capture that same great taste.

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7b. Hot Links


12oz pkg

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10a. Regular Flavor Beef Jerky (1)


ONE - 15oz. Container

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10b. Regular Flavor Beef Jerky (2)


TWO - 15oz. Containers

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1. Bone-In, Sugar Cured Ham


Weight 15-20 lbs. average

Looking for that ham Grandma used to cook, that made your mouth water just by the smell of it? Then check out our sugar-cured, old-fashioned, bone-in hams. These hams are very popular and at times hard to come by, as shown by their popularity at Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings. They also make excellent gifts for friends or employees. Though not fully cooked, each ham is smoked just enough to capture the mouth-watering taste you remember. Order your ham early!

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3. Ralph’s Style Mini Ham


Weight 3-5 lbs. average

Who says size matters? Our mini hams are prepared with the same process as our “pit” hams, however these are more ideal for the small family, but have the same BIG taste!

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7c. Smoked Sausage


1 lb. pkg

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10c. Regular Flavor Beef Jerky (6)


SIX - 15oz. Containers

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4. Sugar Cured Bacon


1lb. pkg

Start out your morning with tasty breakfast or end your day with a great BLT sandwich with our three-time American Cured Meat Championship National Award winning bacon. Our bacon is sugar-cured to perfection just like our old-fashioned bone-in hams.

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7d. No Junk Yard Dogs


1 lb. pkg

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5. Arkie-Style Bacon


2lb. pkg

For the person who wants very LEAN bacon. We use the same curing process to produce this tasty bacon, as we use for our award winning sugar cured bacon. Sliced thick and sold in a vacuum sealed 2 lb. package.

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7e. No Junk Yard Dogs w/ Jalapeno & Cheese


1 lb. pkg

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10d. Regular Flavor Beef Jerky (4)


FOUR - 4 oz. Bags

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7f. Cotto Salami


1 lb. pkg

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10e. Regular Flavor Beef Jerky (8)


EIGHT - 4 oz. Bags

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10a. Hot Flavor Beef Jerky (1)


ONE - 15oz. Container

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7g. Summer Sausage


1 lb. pkg

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7h. Smoke Sausage Sampler


Includes Hot Links, Smoked Sausage, and No Junk Yard Dogs

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10b. Hot Flavor Beef Jerky (2)


TWO - 15oz. Containers

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7i. Snack Platter Sampler


Includes Cotto Salami, Summer Sausage, and Smoked Cheese

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10c. Hot Flavor Beef Jerky (6)


SIX - 15oz. Containers

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10d. Hot Flavor Beef Jerky (4)


FOUR - 4 oz. Bags

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10e. Hot Flavor Beef Jerky (8)


EIGHT - 4 oz. Bags

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10g. Regular & Hot Beef Jerky (3 & 3)


THREE - 15oz. Containers Regular Flavor and THREE - 15oz. Containers Hot Flavor

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10h. Regular & Hot Beef Jerky (2 & 2)


TWO 4 oz. Bags Regular Flavor and TWO 4 oz. Bags Hot Flavor

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10f. Regular & Hot Beef Jerky (4 & 4)


FOUR 4 oz. Bags Regular Flavor and FOUR 4 oz. Bags Hot Flavor

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10i. Regular & Hot Beef Jerky (1 & 1)


ONE - 15oz. Container Regular Flavor and ONE - 15oz. Container Hot Flavor

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